How About That Meditation?

You know what happens to your brain when it gets tired, don’t you? it starts to malfunction. You know that part – you get headaches and migraines, you can’t concentrate, you can’t sleep, you’re constantly irritated and everything you do is so chaotic you can’t breathe.
It’s not easy to live like this, but it can be much better with a little work!

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Technology Won’t Save You

The brain is a muscle of a sort, a tool to develop and exercise daily, and most of us are letting it run amok without control and without understanding the damage that it’s doing to our lives. You can (and should) develop this tool to do whatever you need from it…

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How To Ask Better Questions?

Asking questions is a form of art that we can learn over time. If the questions we ask are not good enough for our needs or situation then they will probably won’t help us as much in solving the problems we face. Which begs the question “what are good questions?”

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The Social Media Syndrome

Every service today is trying to be a social media platform somehow, even when it has nothing to do with those services whatsoever. You’re logging into your bank and your bank offers you to connect with other “like-minded” account owners to share your investments and expenses, because, all things are better together, right? Or are they?

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In the beginning there was stress

In The Beginning There Was Stress

Stress, the main cause of suffering for well over 90% of the human population on earth. It can cause many known\unknown issues and dysfunctions in the human body and most of the time we’re not even aware it’s there until something starts to break.

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Came to me in a dream

The Image Came To Me In A Dream

If we don’t really die then what happens when we leave here? Do we go to a magical place somewhere in heaven to smoke Cuban cigars all day long (for some people that would seem like hell but role with me here)? Do we stay in stasis of some sort until our next birth where our minds don’t experience anything?

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The Art Of Misconception

There are no two people alive that are 100% alike, each and every one of us has his or her own tweaks, like behaviors we learned during childhood, army, painful moments, etc. All these “tweaks” go straight into our belief system and stay there, which means something that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work even for his biologically identical twin.

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Only doing

There Is No Starting Or Stopping, Only Doing

When something we need to do doesn’t feel desirable for us or isn’t an integral part of our daily lives we find reasons and excuses to postpone and procrastinate doing it because in our minds it’s something we have to start and finish, but when you’re not sure when this work will be over even if you start it right now you tend to postpone it even further.

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The Correlation Between Meditation and Communication

The Correlation Between Meditation And Communication

I know people nowadays tend to think of communication as a means to say what they want or what bothers them and forget that it’s a two way conversation, mostly ignoring the other side’s opinions or feelings. We all see it every day as social media platforms take bigger parts in our day to day lives.

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50 shades of meditation

50 Shades Of Meditation

Meditation has many shapes and forms, it’s pretty much like the colors our eyes can see, it has no end. Meditation is not something you need to start or finish, it’s a constant practice you owe to yourself so it’ll be easier to deal with your life, just like you brush your teeth in the morning or wash your face.

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It all makes sense now, I’ve heard people talk about how much sugar is bad for your body and how we can easily live better without it but that feeling of trying to run away from something inside yourself by eating sugar is, for me, the missing link.

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Another day

Another One Of Those Days…

So you got out of bed this morning without it, it’s all quiet, no feelings, no particular thoughts, nothing, just quiet, you don’t feel like going anywhere or change anything, you don’t react to the environment very well and your body is just numb. In lack of a better definition one could say this is depression.

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Suffering from negligence

Suffering Your Own Negligence

And then comes the pain and sickness we all know too well. So again I’m unable to move, a muscle in my pelvis decided to show me the meaning of pain until I start to pay more attention, to what? I’m still figuring that out…

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Our perspectives change everything, everything we see, everything we believe to be true, and is connected and influenced directly by the story of who we are, by our pasts and psychology, our self-image, belief system, emotions, our most intimate secrets, the ones we keep close to the hearts.

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